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Chapter 1

Evolution – Chapter 1

He searched his pocket and eventually found the wallet, managing to pay for the usual ham sandwich. He paid the young lady at the store who thanked him with a smile and continued to read the morning newspaper. He looked at her for a moment and tried to image what the paper was saying… it’s been months since he looked at some news report of any kind. At that moment a girl with a dream smile stopped next to him and began to explain the quality of the products from the Xenhair company, forcing a flyer into his hand. After squeezing a “Thanks”, continued his walk toward the campus’s exit. It was a warm day, last one of the second year in college and his entire mood for exams disappeared when he was hit by the smell of burnt rubber left by some obsessed lunatic behind a wheel. He read the flyer quickly and whispered with shred of amusement: “All the money made by the Xenhair company, just by selling shampoos!” he almost couldn’t believe.



The blizzard

I’ve fitted my comforter and jacket, school bag well onto my back… It’s 11 o’clock and it’s time for me to leave. I kiss her one more time and I exit the door in the block’s stair case where a cold shiver is awaiting for me… I descend the stairs quietly and get out. The blizzard colossus makes his presence noticed by lifting a dust cloud and smashing my face with my jacket ruffle.

I lift my eyes with childish curiosity: paper and plastic bags are soughing and flying through the air, in a chaotic dance mixed with dry leaves and remains of lime blossoms, going up and down like some hell’s shadows meant to hide the stars of the glassy sky. I point my eyes toward my destination and start hurrying down the street. The wind is fighting me and I feel as if the cutting waves of air will take me down, as they are gradually plummeting the whole universe on top of me. I froze.