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Chapter 5

Evolution – Chapter 5

“Would you believe that our meeting last week was not an accident?” Gabrielle asked.

“No. You must be paranoid to interpret every little thing that happens as a sign of some kind.” He spoke with confidence, but he was beginning to seriously wonder if that was the case. “What’s with the darkness?”



Chapter 4

Evolution – Chapter 4

Over a million views, in just one day. It went more than viral, it spread completely wild. By the looks of things, it seemed that he has made it. All he had to do then was to wait for the official reply of the government. With so many views in just one day, maybe many more in the following days, their response could not be delayed too much. Eventually, somebody who was thinking like him and had the power to put things into motion would make it happen. He felt he should celebrate his enthusiasm somehow.


Chapter 3

Evolution – Chapter 3

It’s Sunday morning. The sky cries with big drops of pure water, shaping different forms on the window behind which Angel is looking outside. He holds a cup of steaming hot tea in his hand and grasps his mind around the interview he has just written down. Summer holiday for some, he spent the last month putting things down on paper, think, and then rethink what he had to do and say.


Chapter 2

Evolution – Chapter 2

It took more than two weeks for the web of intrigue to be formed not only in his mind but on paper. The walls in the small apartment were pretty much filled with words and photos by then, to his brother’s discontent. Two weeks of missing almost every exam at college, forgetting to call his girlfriend back. His mind was rushing 60 miles per hour in trying to make sense what he felt deep within. Good thing the internet is out there to help in this kind of moments. By the end of the second week he could sit back on his bed, following all the strings on the walls with his eyes, making new mental notes to add or remove a part of it. The spider monster was almost complete.