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Chapter 9

Evolution – Chapter 9

The warm misty summer wind was tickling their faces as they walked side by side on the sidewalk. Leaves were flying around in circles, completing the humming of the city at this late hour. It was the same evening and Angel and Gabrielle were wondering around to both clear their minds and for him to show her the surroundings.

“How did you resist this past two weeks?” She asked.



Chapter 8

Evolution – Chapter 8

Late at night, alone in his bed, Angel was thinking about what happened. It’s been more than two weeks since the wedding and he couldn’t still wrap his head around what had transpired there. The bride had collapsed with no warning; there was nothing wrong with her. Doctors found later on that she was suffering from a rare form of cancer that had infected her lungs, hence the blood she coughed out. Angel did not believe that. The timing was too perfect to be just a coincidence. He would have liked to talk to the dean again, but chances were he would not be welcomed. As he turned on the other side, he sighed. One more sleepless night. He was beginning to wonder how long this will hold him. He was awake almost every night since the incident. The door bell rang and scared him completely. He took a moment to gather his thoughts, and then went to check who it was. As he reached the door, he immediately opened it.


Chapter 7

Evolution – Chapter 7

“Josephine!” Angel shouted from the table.

The girl turned her head and smiled.

“I knew it was her!” he said afterwards. “It’s such a small world. I never expected to meet her at this wedding!”

“Who is Josephine?” Gabrielle asked.


Chapter 6

Evolution – Chapter 6

Later that evening Angel was walking proudly into his apartment. Marius was already home, and looked at him extremely worried. It was later than usual and he was definitely not coming back from college. It seemed necessary to put his mind at ease.

“Guess what?” Angel asked.


“I’m moving out.”