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Chapter 14

Evolution – Chapter 14

As Angel reached home dark thoughts were surrounding his mind. He could not imagine how things could get so out of control, how he could lose sight of his initial objective. He never wanted to have anything to do with politics, even though he imagined that if a project like his would be implemented, he would have to clash this temple and make it happen. And his focus shifted. As he could no longer trust his own beliefs, he felt it was time to meet the other member of the team and set a different kind of machine in motion. His thoughts could not be more fitting, as when he reached home he found Luke’s car parked out front. When he entered through the door, he could not believe his eyes: both Luke and Alex were there, serving tea with his mother. The emptiness in her eyes seemed to have been gone and she was listening to the two of them as they were explaining what has been happening this past few months.



Chapter 13

Evolution – Chapter 13

And then the dean’s eyes went completely blank again, and he collapsed off his chair. The doctors rushing in could not do anything for him, as he had given his last breath. Angel was no longer there to see it, since the last licker of life within the dean gave his suspicions a voice. He accepted his mother be treated at this hospital because the country’s most esteemed specialist was working there and he promised he would take care of her. Promised – Angel was thinking through the waves of hatred that clouded his mind. The same afternoon his mother was taken away and she received an entire suite in Angel’s manor, along with her new personal medical staff. The new doctor was a young woman, Anne, which Angel had met previously on his regular visits to his home doctor, new at the job but extremely ambition and tenacious. She saw this job as an opportunity to both better herself and help a friend in need. She and Angel had a history together but it ended in a beautiful manner, keeping their friendship intact for many years. To date, she was the doctor he trusted most and therefore the only one that he believed he knew well enough to entrust his mother to.


Chapter 12

Evolution – Chapter 12

Another rainy Sunday. It’s been more than two years since the funeral of his brothers but the events of those days were replaying in his mind very clearly. He was still looking out the window, but it was no longer the window from his apartment, it was the window from his office at the headquarters of the Mykrra Corp., now having its own building and maintaining a growing profitable trend. The sky was ravaging the earth with heavy thunders as Angel was seeping from his tea cup, but the window was not the only thing crying in thin threads of shapeless water. His cheeks were filled with sorrow and tears and the rain seemed the perfect place to hide in and, looking out the window, he could still see the happy faces of his brothers, closing his eyes then and shortly remembering what happened to them.


Chapter 11

Evolution – Chapter 11

The story was briefer than he expected. The dean went insane shortly after the wedding. His eyes went completely blank and he was no longer speaking with anyone.  They took him to a mental hospital and he was spending his days there, rarely eating and receiving most of the necessary nutrients with a need in his arm. This was bad news. Angel had hoped that some day he would know what he wanted to talk about that night at the lake, and now that hope was gone.

As it turned out, some other people heard what the dean said when he pulled Angel down, and got into their heads that the bride’s death, followed by the dean’s insanity were somehow his fault. They planned many times to pay him a visit and take their revenge. As word came out of Gabrielle’s mouth, she was completely shaking as she described the monstrous things they were planning to do to him. None of them knew for sure if there was any connection anywhere, but they needed an escape goat, someone to point the finger to and get revenge on. He was the perfect candidate.

As Gabe cuddled in his arms, she said in the end:


Chapter 10

Evolution – Chapter 10

As Danny was looking at Angel his thoughts dwelled on a single thought: There must be something going on with that guy. He backed down abruptly:

“Maybe you are right. I was only trying to make you stay so that I can offer my arguments verbally. I did not expect to find such a strong will inside of you, or anyone this close to Josephine as a matter of fact. Please stay and talk. If you are not convinced at the end of our discussion I will leave her in your care and you will never see me again. Is that agreeable?”