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Chapter 22

Evolution – Chapter 22

“Do you know why people like this kind of movies?” – Angel asked Gabrielle as they were watching an action movie, the one hero does-it-all type.

“I suspect they are moved by the fact that one man puts it all on the line for his family.” – She smiled as she looked at the tiny bed holding their son.

“It’s all a lie you know? People are educated to root for the little guy, the one that against all odds wins. They love this because each and every one of them sees himself as the little guy, with the entire world against him. And of course, that’s how they live their life and how they become. A small insignificant person with the world against him…”

“Seriously… what has gotten into you? Another one of your dreams again?”

“Hm… no, not this time. It strikes me as odd that people are taught to believe that the rich and powerful are always corrupt and therefore hope to be as poor and as weak as possible so that they can identify themselves with that righteous guy. It would be nice to see some movie where the rich are viewed in a positive way. One never knows…”

“Now you’re feeling bad because you’re rich? That would be a first… I thought money does not matter to you.”

“Indeed, it doesn’t, I was just thinking that things might be better around the world you know; if these forms of transmitting information would stop distorting it.”

“You are obviously in a debate mood today. Alex and Luke would definitely love to hear all your theories, should they stay awake to hear all of them.”

They both started laughing. It was a Wednesday, very common, and Angel was home to stay with his family. It’s been a few months since he started visiting his business less and less and spent most of his time at home. Not being able to hear his son giggle was too much for him, so even if he had to leave and attend something, he would call like every ten minutes and never be gone more than a day. That evening they were expecting Luke and Alex for dinner and a tasty meal was being cooked in the room below them, where the maid and Angel’s mother were running around the kitchen like two children playing with all the flavors.

Angel’s mother seemed much better and seeing her in her element was pleasing for the young couple. Since Gabrielle said good bye to her family in such a painful way, she has never spoken with them ever again. So now, Angel’s mother was almost like a mother for her as well. They lived together like a happy family, and the mother kept being herself and treating Angel’s guests as kings, even if they were there so often and appeared to be great friends.

“Keep that under a cloth, I don’t want it to get cold when Angel’s guests arrive!” – She was telling the maid as Gabriella walked in.

“How was the movie?” – The mother asked.

“It was fine. I think it opened some train of thought in Angel’s mind though. He’s still up there pondering the media and the ways people are portrayed in movies…”

“Oh, I do hope he doesn’t get too worked up over this!”

They both remember how hard it was for Angel to get over his last breakdown, and did not want to see him in that position. While doctors and their personal opinions coincided into him working too much and putting too much importance on mundane tasks, he was still keeping his encounters with Ken a secret. He was no longer sure if he really was talking to someone or everything was a result of his mind simply fighting back some sort of illness.

When Gabe went downstairs to talk to his mom however, he took a moment to calm down and clear his mind, in order to call upon Ken again.

Bullets were flying sideways, in patterns that no bullet could have ever taken, and a bended reflection was staring at Angel from a spiral shaped mirror. As Ken appeared behind him, he could not hide his smirk:

“Tell me” – Ken started – “Why do you sometimes create such places for us to meet?”

“Well, it’s a simpler way for me to keep track of who’s in control. I don’t feel comfortable in the marble room, even if it seems more suited for talks. Was it you invention?”

“No” – Ken replied as he sat down in the white sand, which seemed made of small, pure, white diamonds – “It was all in your head, as is this. I have no creation scope in here. It’s all a reflection of your mind and feelings. Although I enjoy the environments you create whenever you are consciously trying to contact me. It makes my work much more interesting.”

“How so?”

“Well, I am currently residing in a place that is hard to understand for humans. Most of them perceive it as a hospital and others have hard times explaining to their own brains what they are seeing. I help them create an image based on their own imagination while also drawing upon the imagery provided by those who are kind enough to share it with me, like you are doing now.”

“Glad to be of service!” – Angel said as the entire environment collapsed and they both sat down at the marble table in the marble room. An unexpected shiver went through his spine as he felt he was letting out too much of his soul. “You mentioned that it is hard to understand for «humans» – are you not human?”

“Come now… Did you really not guess until now that my interests go beyond your world? Or was I to subtle and escaped your grasp?”

“I find it hard to believe that you went to such trouble to appear in mine, or anyone’s mind as a human creature, should you have been something else.”

“You’re stretching now. And you’re going far beyond what this place is. Do you not realize that I was created like this environment, or like any other creation you have spawned inside you? Who or what I am is much less important since you can only accept what you see and understand. I am a mere though amongst so many in your head, and the appearance that you give me could very well differ from what I really look like. And same goes for you too. While I believe this is how you really are, it’s mere what you see yourself like… which is distorted, even by a little bit.”

“You’re saying that none of us are what we seem to be?”

“It seems to be rather obvious don’t you think? Most people go to great lengths to portray a different image when someone is actually looking at their physical appearance, let alone when you get to see only what their thoughts relay. Would you like to meet?”

“I’ve thought about it. It should be rather interesting to see each other in flesh and blood.”

“Flesh and blood: What an adequate expression! I’ve never even considered what you are made of, since our encounters have been, well, of this kind… I can arrange for us to meet if you like. I could show you my so-called hospital.”

“Maybe, but not know. I’m curious to see when this plan of mine will get some form of shape. My project has been implemented in many countries by now and many have developed technologies that change or save lives. But nothing drastic has happened. I think I’m waiting for something before I take this to the next step. Then, and only then, we shall meet.”

“It might come much sooner that you expect you know…”

“I hope it’s not too soon. I’m enjoying my life now and it would take something really special for it to change.”

“Honey!” – Gabe said. “Alex and Luke are here! Why don’t you come down?”

“Coming!” – Angel replied while his concentration wore off and his communication with Ken ended abruptly. He did not know what to make of the things he learned, but he was right. His family was too important to leave and things were moving so slow that they appeared to be standing still.

The table was set as he came down, and Alex took the opportunity to make a joke at his sloppy hair calming. Truth be told, he had very little use for getting ready to meet his two best friends.

“How are you guys?” – He asked as he sat down.

“Well” – Luke started. “My wife is pregnant again!” he said as his smile was nearly reaching his ears, his happiness radiating.

“Seriously?!” – Everyone was surprised. Luke has never openly talked about his family like this and it was rare for him to share such joy with everyone present. Time has passed and they were all friends now, and his joy was too big to keep within. The explosion of happiness had a positive effect on every single person in the room.

Angel’s mom dropped a few tears as she remembered both the joy when giving birth to her children as well as the moment she lost them. Her face was betraying mixed emotions, but years have passed and she was trying to hide them to keep a happy mood in the room.

Alex put on a fake smile, remembering how he chose not to follow a family life. It’s not that his career was too important for him; it’s just that he thought too little of himself to build a stable relationship with someone. Or at the very least, that’s what he told Angel once….

Gabe remembered the first time she heard her child giggle, and there was nothing but pure joy to be read on her face.

Angel’s feelings were in tune with Luke’s as he was extremely happy for his friend, but then his thoughts dwelled upon the future and what the world may hold for the next generations. And he was not only thinking about Luke’s child, and not even his own, but for the children and grandchildren that would have to experience what the future holds. He was not sure that he could still back up all of his beliefs from his youth. His ideals may have been too big and his reach may have well exceeded his grasp. It was a moment for him to realize that his project was most likely dead and all the good that he tried to do in his life was just another page in history. It was a cruel feeling of failure: turn the page.

“We interrupt the transmission for a special bulletin!” – The TV in the corner interrupted his trail of thought – “The prime-minister of Ireland has declared that all their outgoing transactions have been cut off and no other import/export deals will be accepted from now on. They have officially renounced their currency and are declaring to be self sufficient, opening the grounds for the old monopoly societies to be reestablished. A group of fanatics have protested in Dublin today, but their number was small as most of the country backs up the government on this. Their new patented invention, the «replicator-printer», provides a perfect ground for re-inventing human creativity and helps them deal with what we call «monetary problems». China also has…”

The bulleting went on and on for almost ten minutes, announcing the responses other countries gave to Ireland’s boldness. Some countries, such as China, publicly announced that they will be renouncing their monetary based system soon. The spark had been laid down.

As Angel was listening, he closed his eyes and cleared his thoughts. In the darkness of his mind, he only saw Ken for an instant: “I will come see you now. Make it happen!” – And then faded back to reality as Ken smiled approvingly.


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