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Info: This is sort of a +18 article. Don’t read it if faint-hearted!

As I was watching these misfits of nature, I heard the skull of one cracking under the tank tracks. It was an unusually short scream, and then the screech took place and silence. A couple of women started cried instantly and one other fainted, making the scene even more hilarious than it already was. I barely stopped myself from laughing, but if I did I would have dropped the juicy worm from my peak and the little ones would go hungry.

I spread my wings and flew over the crowd, up to the spire where I built my nest. It seemed safe enough at first, even though this is a new building. I hate these creatures. I had to move the nest three times for their demolition of old buildings. Who do they think I am? A nomad bird? I’ve been here since long before they were high concrete buildings and all you could see was the sky or hear the forest’s quire giving a show… They ruined this. Still, they brought a new kind of life to the place. And some of them are quite nice. I flew at the nest and broke my worm to pieces. My babies were so happy. It’s hard to find good quality insects these days, everything is counterfeited. Even those few bred here are fed with poisoned nature and develop diseases. I wouldn’t want my babies to become infected, that’s why I fly all the way across town to the national park. I bring them all the good stuff, while I make do with what Miss Laura gives me. She’s the secretary of some guy who works below my nest and, whenever she sees me out the window, she brings some left over bread crumbs. The cereal within is chemically altered and I know they’ll be the death of me, but I can’t take good food from my babies’ mouths. They should still believe there is salvation in this world. Or at least have the strength to fly away if they must.

Today there was a big skirmish downstairs. I heard the whole thing eating my fast food at the window. Some guy in a uniform was arguing with Miss Laura’s boss. He had a young man with him as well, and the discussion seemed intended to educate the young one. Oh what weird creatures!

“Your tank killed a man today!” – The guy in the uniform said. “We can’t be having this Mister Shine. How am I going to explain this to the mayor?”

“Seriously Sam, you’re bugging me about a protestant idiot who wanted to save the museum. Who the fuck cares about the old stuff!!? I need the place for a mall and so it had to be demolished. If anyone stays in my way, I shall step over them, tank or not!”

“You know sir, the law dictates that you don’t have the right to take another human’s life under any circumstances, unless it’s safe defense…” – The young man said.

The other two look at him disapprovingly. Eventually, Mister Shine said:

“Sam, who is this kid? Why did you bring him to my office?!?!”

“Sir, I urge you to respect the constitution. It’s our God given right to live on this planet and you cannot take it away at a whim. I will stand and die on the constitution!”

Shine calmly took a book from his office and threw it at the young man’s feet. They he pulled out a gun and pointed it at him.

“What is this?!” – The young guy asked, firmly confident even at gunpoint.

“That’s the constitution. I’m inviting you to stand on it, and I will make sure you die on it as well.”

“Mister Shine, let’s not get ahead of ourselves!” – Sam interrupted. “He’s new to the station and still does not know how the things work. Of course we both don’t care about the guy under the tank, but the press and international opinion will kill us if we don’t do anything as policeman. We must do something about this.”

“Ok, what is the problem?” – Shine replied still holding the gun up.

“Well, the law does allow you to kill someone for trespassing, but that can only be done if the property is yours. The consortium may have something to say about that.”

“You’re telling me that as chairman this is not considered my property?! I built this fucking company from the ground up and I will not stop because of some righteous idiot. Me and people like me pay your salaries folks, so stop coming at me with this kind of crap or I will make sure it’s the last thing you guys see.”

“So what do you want us to do sir?”

“Change the law. I would prefer it if you handled this, but if I must call someone else I will. But that would inconvenience me, you don’t want me to inconvenienced, do you?”

“No sir, of course not. I will be mentioning that this problem was brought to your attention and I am sure that my superiors will pass this to their superiors and things will be taken care of. So sorry to have bothered you!”

The young guy moved up on the constitution and looked Shine right it the eye. It was clear that he would not stand for this and he was calling the bluff. The sound of the gunshot spooked the hell out of me. Also the splatter of blood from the window did not help to calm me and I crashed into the air, shortly after beginning to fly up again. Crazy creatures, couldn’t they just eat and chirp together like we do? Had to invent such crazy things to spook us out! I hope my babies will be ok.

As I flew away in awe and scare, I got above the city prison. The guards were beating a woman in the street. Some guy in a suit was standing right next to the scene and kept saying:

“Yea that’s it you bitch! That should teach you what happens if you dare make a mess in front of my hotel ever again.”

“I’m sorry!” – The woman’s shallow voice was barely heard. “I took the milk bottle to feed my baby and it slipped, I didn’t mean to make a mess on the sidewalk. Forgive me sir!”

“Yeah, yeah! Same old bullshit! It slipped? Like I don’t know how the people in the city think about me. You think that if you have a small baby you can shame me and my hotel? Oh don’t worry, you won’t have a baby for long.” – The man said while he was moving towards the baby carriage.

“NOOO! Dooon’t!!!!” – The woman barely yelled while standing up in one knee with her last ounce of strength.

“I told you to stay down!!!” – A guard yelled while hitting his stick on the woman’s face. Her jaw shattered and her lifeless body crashed down in a small pool of blood.

“Ah… sir!” – The guard called the man in the suit. “She died! What should we do about the body and the baby?”

“Get rid of them both. Do it publicly, so that people will know what happens if they mess with me. I have jurisdiction here. If anyone asks you about anything, just say it was my call. What a stupid question you ask. Jesus! Get to it you morons!”

The guard took out his gun and walked to the baby’s carriage. What it wrong with these people they keep spooking me like that? Another sound of a gunshot so close in the day, I barely had time to stretch my wings and not fall completely to the ground. It’s been so much killing these days that I’m thinking of switching the food source.

My cousin already started bringing food to his family from the pile of corpses outside of town. It’s farther away from the park but there’s so much raw and fresh meat there that you get to eat yourself before you get back home to feed your folks. I should start going with him someday. Like I said before, all kinds of goodness come from these creatures. Even if I can’t understand them at all.

A couple of weeks later, I was looking down from my home and saw the foundation of the mall being poured. Laura’s boss was down there smoking a cigar, and hundreds of other people were sitting outside smiling and asking each other when it will be done, thinking about the stores that will be within and what clothes they’ll buy in the opening weeks. Laura’s boss was staring at them in a shepherdly manner and smiling. It was a good decision for him to build the mall here, these people were starving for new places to shop. I heard a few geeks talking in the back about the number of deaths it took for the mall to be built. I don’t understand human numbers but by the faces of the ones who were listening must’ve been a big one. I guess those three won’t be shopping here anytime soon.

Oh, I forgot to tell you! I went today with my cousin to the new food place! Tasty stuff! Remember that guy whose skull was crashed a few weeks back. Man he had some juicy eyes left. My babies were thrilled to have at them. And the pile!!! Oh you should have seen it. It’s weird to get in, we climb down through a cylinder tube of some kind, I guess it’s hidden from other people’s view, but I think it’s unnecessary. I’ve seen many things since flying around these parts and I’m sure that in a couple of weeks the pile would just become part of the landscape in everyone eyes. They don’t see this kind of things anymore.

I heard a couple talking when they brought the last shipment in. She was saying: “Oh my God!! What do you think they bring here? Could there be bodies in those bags?” and he was saying: “Nah! And even if they were, they must have done something wrong to be there!” and then they both laughed.

Well, at least me and my kin eat well. It’s a good thing having these creatures around.


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