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Chapter 26

Evolution – Chapter 26

As Luke woke up a cold breeze moved the drops of sweat on his forehead. It’s been winter for quite some time and the kids must have left one of the windows opened. Since it was 3 a.m. and his wife was trembling in her sleep, he simply decided to go shut the window and read something on his computer. As he walked towards the window, he noticed that his computer notification light was blinking. He shut the window, and turned the hit a couple of degrees, then checked on the kids. Both sound asleep, although not so much kids anymore. They were already teenagers. A small sigh came to him as he realized the passage of time. (more…)


Chapter 25

Evolution – Chapter 25

The picture in front of him was horrifying. The room was again circular, with a pillar at a center which seemed made of energy. The whole room was vibrating with a hissing high-pitch sound, and the energy in the central pillar moved up and down irregularly but slowly, seeming to be somehow powered by the five women surrounding it. The five women were standing in a circle around the pillar, with no clothing on them, blood pouring out of their eyes and ears, going down on their bodies and simply vanishing as it hit the floor. Jo’s eyes changed position only for a split-second as she looked and Angel and sent the thought, but it was enough to knock him back. (more…)

Chapter 24

Evolution – Chapter 24

“This building has some special properties.” – Danny said. “It has to do with what is at the center. But to put it simply, here everything appears differently to everyone. It has to do with what your mind is most accustomed to. In my case, most of the work I do is in a Melt-like environment, which is pretty bad. I was hoping to work like you see me working, but since only thought appears here, wasting any resources on bringing me a workstation that I’ll see like a mere laptop is useless. It still looks better that what I saw the first time, yet I am not powerful enough to make things happen the way I want them to.” (more…)

Chapter 23

Evolution – Chapter 23

“Why are you leaving? And when are you coming back?” – Gabrielle asked with a concerned voice. “Don’t you think you should be next to your family now instead of going on an adventure in California? On your own?!! Why can’t we come?” (more…)