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Chapter 24

Evolution – Chapter 24

“This building has some special properties.” – Danny said. “It has to do with what is at the center. But to put it simply, here everything appears differently to everyone. It has to do with what your mind is most accustomed to. In my case, most of the work I do is in a Melt-like environment, which is pretty bad. I was hoping to work like you see me working, but since only thought appears here, wasting any resources on bringing me a workstation that I’ll see like a mere laptop is useless. It still looks better that what I saw the first time, yet I am not powerful enough to make things happen the way I want them to.”

Powerful you say. Creating a room like this, where thought and matter appear as the same thing is not powerful enough.”

“I did not create this room at all.”

“Then Ken did it. An entire building in fact. Why don’t you help Ken?”

Ken smiled and replied with a sad voice. “It is not my place to help or to destroy. I am merely trying to guide. Let alone the fact that I did not create any of this. It is in fact the result of putting together some very interesting minds.”

“Josephine…” – Angel said.

“Yes, Josephine.” – Danny replied. “I’ve talked to her. She’s fine – better than fine – she’s leading a team of others like her to coordinate efforts in the same direction. It’s quite fun in their room. It looks as if they are all floating.”

“That is not necessarily so.” – Ken interrupted. “Their room is the one at the center. And it is so much what they feel like it that one rarely sees what it looks like. DNA can see it stable because he has a special understanding being telepath himself. I’ve never met another human to see it so stable, most go nearly insane inside, or are completely horrified at what they see. There is very little chance that Angel would see it like you did, let alone understand it the same way. I think you’ll understand why we can’t let you see her.”

“What is it that you people do here?” – Angel asked. “Why is there need for a team, why is Josephine here? Ken, what have you been doing??”

Alex walked in carrying a small device. His entrance provoked a defensive response in Angel, who simply jumped back like a child not believing his eyes.

“Alex?!? What have they done to you?”

“Nothing!” – He replied. “I’m the one that rallied them, or all of you for that matter, together.”


“Here.” – Alex interrupted. “Take this device and snap it to your forehead. It’s weird looking I know, but will keep you sane and seeing things more clearly. It’s a «reality translator», or so those of us who invented it like to call it. Most of us are using it so often we got to call them RT’s”

Angel could hardly believe his eyes, but if there’s someone who trusted now, Alex would be the one. As bizarre as his appearance here was, he could not shake the feeling that he came to help, not to destroy. He took the device and stamped it to his forehead. Things started disappearing and appearing very rapidly and finally settled for a blurry image, that seemed more of this Earth than anything else.

“What is this?” – Angel asked.

“It’s a device that amplifies the responses from your natural senses, making them stronger than the telepathic image that is being sent to your brain. It does not suppress it, just makes the others more powerful, hence the blurriness. If you wear that for more than thirty minutes, you’ll get a horrible head ache.

“Ok, I can live with that.”  – Angel replied while looking around the room for a bit seeing it as an ordinary room, a bit too clean, but not alien like. Danny’s station was inexistent though, it was simply a room. “Why don’t make one for Danny? Let him work thirty minutes at a time!”

“There are two concerns against that. First would be that it doesn’t really work for those like me” – Danny replied pointing at his head. “Second would be that the data that I gather on my station cannot be gathered by any manufactured device. You see, I kind of just think what I need and how I need it and I get that on a monitor, in the way that I need it. There are data that no one else could perceive, let alone understand.”

“What’s happening here? Why is all this taking place?”

“I’m not the one you should ask.” – Alex said. “Direct your questions to him if you wish clarification, but I think you should remove your RT before you look at him.” – Then he pointed at Ken.

Ignoring the advice, Angel turned around and the image he saw was indescribable. The terror and disgust flooded his eyes and he could not bear witness to the thing that was standing before him. He ripped the RT down and then saw Ken as he used to appear before.

“I was actually yelling at you to take that thing off before you turned around. I know it was pointless, it must have seemed like a beast’s howl to your ears, but since the RT does not completely suppress the telepathic waves, there was a chance that you could hear me in time. Sorry if I spooked you.” – Ken said calmly.

“Who, what are you?!?!?!” – Angel almost cried out, collapsing to the floor.

“I am an entity that exists beyond your reality and comprehension. By all intends and purposes, I am an alien. Each human perceives me in a different way. If it were not for Alex’s brilliance, one could never see or guess who I am. I am not all-powerful or anything like that, so I can’t beat his impulse device. My appearance in this dimension can be perceived only by those not wearing RT’s. I’m sorry for your reaction; there will probably come one day when you can look at me and see me differently, but just not yet.”

“I could never see you differently. What I saw cannot be explained, let alone interpreted!”

“Given enough time, all things change. Look at thins building. It does not have to be enveloped in the amazing minds of Josephine’s team for people to see it differently. Everyone looks through a mirror, and what appears one way for some people, appears differently for others. Your race is born with a pair of glasses on. As time progresses, those glasses change. I’m sure you’ve has the feeling of thinking someone is very beautiful until he or she opened his mouth and spat a few words. Or stood next to a so-called ugly person for so long that you got fond of each-other and eventually saw her as an equal. It’s all got to do with getting used to specific stimuli. It may be a sound or an image or even a scent of sorts, but once you get used to it, once it’s familiar, there’s nothing ugly about it. One day you may see me as I am, as impossible at it may seem, and call me your friend.”

“What are you doing here, friend?” – Angel asked, so shocked that he no longer weights the words that came out of his mouth.

“He’s helping us!” – Alex replied. “He came as a result of your project and some of us like Jo”.

“I don’t…” – Angel started. “Jo? Why are you using such a familiar tone? Can you enter her room with this gizmo? Can I go and see if she is all right?”

“We should go indeed.” – Alex said after confirming with Ken. “Danny needs to get back to work.”

After they left the room, Angel still shaken, mustered the force to calm down and put a trail of thought in his mind. He thought about organizing it as a web of intrigue, as he was used to, but in spite of that being a calming action, he was not able to. So he asked the first question that came up to his mind and moved on from there:

“What are you guys doing here?”

“We are handling the next breakthrough in human history.” – Alex replied.

“We were watching you for some time.” – Ken added. “Ever since the first telepath appeared, which, was almost three millennia ago.”

“Aaa? You mean you’ve been keeping an eye for us since three millennia ago?”

“Well, it would be unfair to say so. You see, the thing is, time as you see it has a different meaning for us. There are entities, like myself, that do not think of time as you do. It was quite a challenge to view and understand, let alone measuring and marking it. You were curious to me because of that, but your first telepath was so powerful that he reached out to me. When I came to meet with him, I was sure he was the leader of your reality, but he had no desire for such things. Instead he wanted to know more about your beings, and thus himself, he had more questions than I can remember. It was remarkable. We’ve watched and waited for someone with a similar mind to return, but it never happened, until a few decades ago. And to our surprise, there were two who caught our attention.”

“Two?” – Angel asked.

“Yes.” – Alex smiled. “Turned out I wasn’t the only one.”

Angel’s thoughts were dwelling on Jo. So if Alex was one, was Jo the other. How could Alex be one?

“I don’t understand. You’re a telepath?!”

“Hm! No! Nor do I wish to be one. But as Ken put it, I was born with an understanding that was not normal on the planet. The location where I was born was no accident either. It seems there has been some sort of astronomic activity that damaged the vibration in our side of the Earth, as we see it. Ken has tried to explain many times, but with no success. Turns out there were two results of the anomaly. One was Jo, as you surely guessed by now. She is close to the first telepath’s abilities, naturally. I was on the other side of the coin. No special abilities whatsoever, but a mind that can travel and see many possibilities. This sounds extremely self-gratifying I know, but you should hear Ken say it, it makes even less sense.”

Ken laughed. “Indeed, I praised his mind when he was working on your project. He discovered an algorithm for a simple program that treated the issue in such a way, confirming what I’ve been watching since his birth. At that time, the moment he figured that out, he synapses formed at a speed I’ve never seen before. We knew then that he would be the leader and ambassador of the future in your era. You see, while studying you, we’ve found out things that could… be improved. So yes, picking him for a single algorithm may seem pointless to you, but let me assure you, it was the breakthrough we were expecting. Putting Alex and Jo together gave birth to all of this. It’s more than we expected frankly.”

“What is THIS? What have you guys been cooking in here?” – Angel asked. He saw things with more clarity now, as his telepathic images had transported him again into a comfortable world. There was nothing here he did not feel familiarity with. It was nice to know that his mind can create such things if put in the right environment.

“Put on the RT,” – Alex said – “and don’t look at Ken. You need your mind clear for what you’re about to see. Remember, this room is not what it seems.”

Then the door to Jo’s room was opened. Her eyes stared at Angel right down into his soul.

Help… me…


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