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Chapter 25

Evolution – Chapter 25

The picture in front of him was horrifying. The room was again circular, with a pillar at a center which seemed made of energy. The whole room was vibrating with a hissing high-pitch sound, and the energy in the central pillar moved up and down irregularly but slowly, seeming to be somehow powered by the five women surrounding it. The five women were standing in a circle around the pillar, with no clothing on them, blood pouring out of their eyes and ears, going down on their bodies and simply vanishing as it hit the floor. Jo’s eyes changed position only for a split-second as she looked and Angel and sent the thought, but it was enough to knock him back.

“Why are you doing this to them?? Stop!!” – Angel shouted. His years of experience running a mammoth company came into play and, as he could not bear seeing what he saw, he spoke with authority and expected to be obeyed. Alex shrugged when he heard him, but Ken stayed calm and look at him as if he was watching a small insect squabble to get rid of spider’s web.

“The door is opened.” – He said. “Feel free to stop what is happening.”

Angel was puzzled that he was not listened to. However, he soon recognized he was outmatched and whatever influence he thought he had was nullified in here. So he decided to do it himself. However, he was not able to enter the room. Whenever he got close, a force pushed him back. Not enough to knock him down, but enough to keep him away.

“So, you decided to keep me away.” – Angel said.

“We didn’t decide anything. When we opened this chamber a few months ago, we asked the ladies to try and work together and help us.” – Alex said. “Jo wasn’t with them then. Things worked well for a while, but their power was not enough for what we had planned.”

“I don’t want to hear any explanation. Stop this now! You are torturing them!”

Ken and Alex looked briefly at each other.

“Ok” – Ken said. “Remove your RT, but only for a little while. You may see things more clearly, and then we can talk. Remember, only for a little while. We can’t close the door whenever we want, so we may not be able to keep you from going insane.”

Angel reluctantly did so. The chamber changed in an instant. The entire room became hi-tech, and four of the women were sitting at their desks, with complete lab clothing, white coats, and working on what seemed to be high-tech computers. Jo was standing next to them, working on a tablet she held on her arm. She was wearing make-up, her hair pulled back, a gray suit and high heels. She was astonishingly beautiful. He remembered what they had told him about holding a stable image and not going insane, so he wanted to ask many questions very fast and…

“You do not need to worry.” – Jo said. “I took care of your mental problem. The RT would stop from seeing this, but I am holding this particular stable reality for us to talk. There are many things I want to tell you.”

“Do we have time?”

“Time is of no relevance here. All of this is happening very fast, and neither Ken nor Danny is aware of what’s happening. To them you are simply staring at the horrifying room. Hm… tell me, how do you like me naked?”

“I’ve seen your blood pouring out of your eyes. Same for these four. You are clearly in pain. You told me to help you. How can you?? What are they doing?”

“Is that what you got? Oh Alex, you have so much more work to do on your RT toy. I did say «Help me». But it was «Help me to talk to you. Remove the RT. » You only got half of the message. I’m glad you did it either way.”

“Listen… are you aware of what’s happening to your body? They are killing you out there!”

“Relax, Angel. I really appreciate your concern, but no one is killing me. What happens is that the RT is not working well enough and in that room has very weird effects. We are straining ourselves, because some part of us must always be awake to provide for this project. However, our subconscious mind only knows the most basic of our functions, and often when we sleep it takes over, but still provides. We have little to no entity in the real world, let alone self-preservation instincts or image, hence the naked hurting bodies. What you see there is simply your interpretation of what the RT-cutoff stimuli provide.”

“Couldn’t you stop this, even for an instant? Let me see how you truly are in the real world? Make me sure that you are ok?”

Josephine slowly walked to him and caressed his face. “You worry way too much. For us, there is no longer such thing as real world. What you perceive as being real, to us is just another form of our thoughts. Maybe one day you’ll understand. We’re very happy as we are now, and no one from your real world could make us do anything we don’t want. So you can easily forget those feelings of torture and us being forced into anything. This building is solely sustained by our combined minds. We can crush it and recreate it at will. It’s simply an interpretation of our undisciplined thoughts, since all the disciplined ones are directed to our work.”

“Which is?”

“Space travel of course! How can you not know this? Since I haven’t used my telepathic abilities for Earth-business for so long, I no longer keep track of what is happening in people’s minds. If I could, only for a second.”

Angels view went black. Everything vanished. As he was preparing to scream, it all came back; Jo was smiling back at him.

“Sorry” – she said. “It’s been a while since I’ve probed anyone’s mind. And yours is an especially fascinating one to probe.”

“Why do you say that?”

She did not reply. For a split-second she gave away with her face expression the fact that she said something she wasn’t supposed to say.

“It’s nothing.” – She replied finally. “I just thought it’s interesting the way you look now and how your memories have evolved. I also like that you are so interested in my safety. I’m sorry you feel responsible for what has happened to me. You should know, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Using my mind like this instead of hiding it at all times.”

“Wait… space travel? What do you mean?”

“I mean teleportation. Our minds, and by ours I mean ours humans, not just the five of us, can do so many things. Some of them are terrifying, others are extraordinary. But we found, that the five of us can teleport anyone and anything across space. That’s how we’re helping the Mars colony.”

“Mars colony?” – Angel remembered the city in the red desert on Danny monitors. “Are you guys working with Neo Mars Project?”

“Oh no. They chose the technical way. We actually tried to help them once by sending Alex to provide them with technical knowledge it would take them decades to discover. But they refused us. Alex doesn’t quite have the credentials they were looking for in a scientist. Plus his young age. And participation in your «change the world» project. Not a good candidate, if you know what I mean.”

“So what then?”

“Well, we established a settlement on the opposite side of the planet, so that we don’t have to bump into each other for years to come. Of course that after we transported the materials and astronauts to build the thing, they noticed and started asking questions. We let Ken handle that. He has a way of dealing with this kind of things. For an extraterrestrial, he’s quite good at it. I don’t think he gave them too much information, but they are aware of us.”

“So the city I’ve seen in Danny’s room?”

“Yes, it’s the colony. Almost 1000 inhabitants already, all teleported. Can you believe it? Man’s foothold in space, made by teleportation in an instant.”

“1000? I thought you were with the project for a short time.”

“Short time indeed. But Ken has been preparing for this for millennia. Let’s just say he had everything prepared for me to step in. And haven’t I told you? Time doesn’t really matter here.”

“So you built a colony on Mars using only mind powers? Wow…”

“I know! It’s exciting isn’t it? We live in amazing times! We are now testing for other solar systems and we should spread across the stars!”

“While I can definitely see the potential and fun in all that, I can’t understand why you would be so thrilled. Why is that so important to you? What do you know that we don’t?”

“You’ve probably asked yourself why Ken is so eager to help us with all this, haven’t you?”

“It has crossed my mind, yes.”

“Well, I don’t know if what’s he’s saying is true, but it turns out you were right. Resources that the people spend on beauty and fashion and whatever other things should be spent in technological projects. We are not alone here. That I can say for sure. I can feel them. I don’t know if they’re intentions are for peace or war, Ken has his own theory, but then again, he does not perceive time as we do – he may already have seen what is going to happen. I think it’s prudent to be prepared. The motion that your project has started will give control back to the people, from there to investing into the really important things it’s a matter of time. Humans will evolve beyond the superficial needs soon enough. It may not be in our lifetimes, but it will happen. Then we’ll be able to make real advancements and, if needed, defend ourselves.”

“Mean while you’re building outposts just in case.”

“I could say Ken has a pretty impressive power of persuasion. He’s convinced many of the world leaders to already adopt a defensive stance, and funding is already going in the right directions. All the better, it will give the leaderless people something to focus on when your project spreads.”

“I think it’s premature to assume that it will. It may very well be buried.”

“No it won’t.” – She smiled. “Ken takes care of that. He seems to know where we’re supposed to get and he’s leading us there. So far, everything has been good. I just hope we’re ready when the time comes, if ever. If we’re not ready, at least hopefully we’ll be spread far enough to not be destroyed so easily, if at all. It’s all speculation for the moment. Hey, we may just keep exploring and never find any threat!”

“You said yourself that you felt others out there.”

“I did. I also said I don’t know if they’re a threat or not. Things get crazy really fast when you speculate you know? With all my understandings of people and mind and matter, I have no idea what’s about to happen next. Is there a threat out there or isn’t? Is it a good idea to spread people over worlds we barely know or isn’t? I don’t know. I hope it is. Everyone seems to agree.”

“You’ve told me so many things in favor of this and that; so many words about moving in the right direction that you’ve almost convinced me. But I have to ask: What if the threat is not out there, but down here? Do you remember that these people that brought you here killed everyone in The Melt?”


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