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Chapter 27

Evolution – Chapter 27

The deserts blew away at a cold misty wind above them. There was very little sound, just the coldness that suggested the coming calamity. As the red mix of ice and rock moved freely in the tornado, it split in half the already damaged tower and the echoes of all those who died within it was brief and got washed into the blistering waves of air.

And then silence – should anyone have passed by it would have seemed that the ruins of the tower were from a time long passed and in no way anyone would have guessed they were built just recently and have been standing for only a few weeks. The resourcefulness of those who put in the time was admirable and now, with their work crumbled, they would have no other choice but to start again.

Fario looked at the sight of the broken tower as his hands were instinctively tying the safety belt to cover the hole in his suit. A piece of iron alloy pushed by the tornado hit him so close it almost severed his leg off. Luckily he was able to move away in the last second and only get his suit touched. His training must have kicked in. That was also responsible for that fact the he so effectively could take care of his suit now when he was more scared than ever.