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Chapter 20

Evolution – Chapter 20

The cold wind was moving the snow above the sandy dunes. Right in the middle of the plane there was a cold environment, with snow clouds floating above and big snowflakes floating around. Far at the horizon, the sun was piercing through into the beautiful sea, burning the beach and making the trees catch fire.

“Why this place?” – Ken asked Angel while they were both walking barefoot through the ice. (more…)


Chapter 19

Evolution – Chapter 19

The darkness in the house was lingering on top of the lonely candle on the table. Josephine was looking out the window into the rain.

“How is he?” – Danny asked from the bed.

“He’s alive.” – She said. “It’s insane what’s happening to him. I hope he’ll survive it in a sane way.”

“Are you sure they can’t detect that you’re watching?” (more…)

Chapter 18

Evolution – Chapter 18

When Angel’s eyes opened, the only thing he could see was a bluish, metal ceiling of the room he was in. No face, no friends, just the high ceiling of an empty room. And silence. The soundless moments went straight to his shaken psychic and he felt betrayed by his own thoughts as the things around him started gaining shape and color. The only thing he could think of was “This isn’t real – it cannot be happening”. However, the more his eyes were bearing witness to all of his surroundings, the more real everything felt. Eventually he gave in to the sensation that something must have happened while he was unconscious and he can’t remember what it was. (more…)

Chapter 17

Evolution – Chapter 17

The fence seemed alive with all those people screaming behind it, all their movements and voices giving a fire to the static picture. Angel’s senses became heightened and he almost could see them in slow motion and watching their desperate figures almost made him smile. The whole plaza had an entire new feeling now, as he was looking around he thought he saw things he would have never noticed before.

By the time the commander finished his firing order, Angel’s eyes dwelled on a small sparrow that was cleaning her peak on the sandy rocks in the yard. It looked back at him as if it knew him, and then flew away into the sky. A cold wind came back to let him know that his brother was still watching, or at least that’s what he felt. The screams of the people from outside were dying down in his mind, as the feelings from his nearby environment were wearing down on him.


Chapter 16

Evolution – Chapter 16

Things laid still for a couple of months. As he stayed out late, sitting on a bench in the small garden behind the house, Angel was rethinking his last discussion with Gabe. He tried to convince her to abort the baby, but with no success. Part of him wanted that baby so much, but he did not feel that it could survive in this world, especially with the danger lurking around. Alex did not give up on him though, and everyone in his family was fine. It was a spotless sky, so he looked up at the stars and asked a question in the emptiness:

“What would you have done Marius?”


Chapter 15

Evolution – Chapter 15

It’s been all over the news, so Angel got wind of it pretty fast. It was unlikely that the cover story would have been believed by anyone, but it seemed to work just fine. Authorities claimed to have found a hidden community of people suffering from a rare disease, very contagious. Naturally, everything had to be quarantined and the people found there were never heard of again. The news report contained some interview with people from all around the city and showed how clearly happy and safe they felt now that the threat was over. Looking at it, Angel was wondering whether they were people numbed by the system or if they were actors paid so that the popular opinion will shift against that place. He did not know what it was, but he caught some footage with the people being dragged away from there and he could guess. His only hope was that Josephine wasn’t there anymore. He even rooted for Danny, in spite of their previous feelings; he truly wanted to believe that they are both ok and still hidden.


Chapter 14

Evolution – Chapter 14

As Angel reached home dark thoughts were surrounding his mind. He could not imagine how things could get so out of control, how he could lose sight of his initial objective. He never wanted to have anything to do with politics, even though he imagined that if a project like his would be implemented, he would have to clash this temple and make it happen. And his focus shifted. As he could no longer trust his own beliefs, he felt it was time to meet the other member of the team and set a different kind of machine in motion. His thoughts could not be more fitting, as when he reached home he found Luke’s car parked out front. When he entered through the door, he could not believe his eyes: both Luke and Alex were there, serving tea with his mother. The emptiness in her eyes seemed to have been gone and she was listening to the two of them as they were explaining what has been happening this past few months.